Plan Approval drawings are important because the degree of preparation is always the determining factor to the amount of success you will have. One is either prepared or not prepared, so it is in the best interest for your company to be prepared. Whether it’s home designs, house plans or building blueprints, you need detailed and concise preliminary drawings.

Plan Approval Drawings Services

Our team of experienced drafters will aide you in envisioning your plans so that your architect will have an easier time making your vision a reality. A Plan Approval  drawing is a concept design and projection of your plan on paper so that the architect and the client will have a visual to communicate with. Shree Kanimuthu Constructions has the ability, experience and knowledge for your architectural drawing needs.

  • 2D drafting/ drawing
  • Professional CAD (computer-aided-design)
  • Dimensional accuracy on sketching
  • Drafting for home designs, house plans, building blueprints, restaurants, etc.

Quality of Plan Approval  Drawings

When it comes to preliminary drawings, accuracy is the key and our team will provide you with dimensional accuracy, providing your company with excellent 2D drafting and drawing for your plans. Our drafters know that preliminary drawings make up the base for any design, so it’s essential to get it done right. Quality is our policy, and the following are aspects of our dedication to quality that you can expect.

  • Attention to detail that’s unrivalled
  • Certified knowledge of 2D drawing/drafting
  • Experience in drawing/drafting for various building standards
  • Satisfaction guaranteed for all preliminary drawing