We have attained specialization in offering reliable Estimate Preparation Services to our patrons. Usually, the required material by contractor turns faulty, which leads to the wastage of material. With the support of our expert professionals, we prepare the estimate according to the requirements obtained from the clients. Our offered Estimate Preparation services assist our customers to save the material for several purposes.

We provide cost estimates for construction and renovation projects at the Shree Kanimuthu Constructions. We generally give you two different types of cost estimates as your project progresses:

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Estimates: These types of estimates are the first step in project preparation. so you can get an idea of the size and scope of the project. ROM estimates are usually comparative and are based on the estimator’s experience as well as historical data on similar projects. Your department may use this kind of estimate for funding requests and budget planning, and you will need to get detailed cost estimates before construction or renovations begin.

Detailed Cost Estimates: You will want to request a detailed cost estimate once funding has been approved or identified for a project. The detailed estimate will give you the specific breakdown of project costs, and you will need to have a preliminary design to get this type of estimate. We will then fully investigate existing building conditions and evaluate all remodeling projects for heating and air conditioning capacity, electrical service, plumbing, potential hazardous materials, and interior elements such as paint and carpet. We will likely provide estimates of completion dates and work on coordinating critical deadlines at the same time that we give you a detailed cost estimate.

Our comprehensive estimating services include:

  • Preparation of tender documentation to enable quotations to be received
  • Analysis of tender information from suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Preparation of detailed quotations and breakdowns
  • Preparation of specifications
  • Measured dimensions
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Material schedules