Shree Kanimuthu Constructions, Thiruvarur,  has some of the industry’s most brilliant architects and civil engineers on team. Rest assured we’ll make the best use your land or existing property. We want to make your residence an iconic reminder of your success. Headquartered in Thiruvarur District and we bring high level construction and building standards to your house by providing you a complete project management and monitoring service. We get as involved in your project as you want us to be. Take a look at the main steps you’ll take towards building your house and how Shree Kanimuthu Constructions, Thiruvarur,  helps you at each step.

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Excavation Stage

Before you can start laying down the foundation of the house, you’ll need to get earth excavated from your land. This is an important and time/ weather sensitive job which must be done with care. Shree Kanimuthu Contruction' s Executive visit your property at this stage and provide you with an independent assessment of the work need to be done.

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Superstructure Stage

Next up is the building of the superstructure, the visible part of the house you’ll be living in. From the owner’s perspective, this is the WYSIWYG stage, i.e., what you see is what you get. This is the most important stage of building your house, as most of the material used is hidden from view after your structure is built, and you’ll have no idea what quality of materials was used. Our weekly inspections on-site make sure that use the quality of materials agreed on, and ensure that work does not get held up at any stage.

Electrical Stage

As contractor we would provide the wiring which runs inside the walls of your house to provide distributed electricity to every room of your house. We make sure top quality materials, and wiring meets high standards to avoid any kind of hazard or disaster later on. Our supervisors would help you out here with our regular inspections and reporting.


The next stage in the process is the flooring, where your house gets the tiling/ wood/ cemented finish to match your plinth level. This flooring needs to occur at the right stage as it usually holds up other work being carried out in the house. We work with you to ensure the work doesn’t get held up. The flooring material selection is important too, and we supervise to ensure the right materials are used and minimum waste occurs.

External Finishes

External finishes include outdoor paint work, tiling, decks, rooftiling and other ornamental finishes. Our weekly monitoring would ensure the quality of work and workmanship.

We work with leading Indian suppliers to provide you the best-in-class finishes out there.

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External electric fittings

At this stage we get all the electrical switches and lights to be installed in your house. This invovles quality supervision as well, and supervision to make sure the lighting system is logical and correctly implemented. If you feel the necessity of a backup electrical system, we help you install that too.

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Polishing and finish

The last stage is to polish floors, and ensure all fittings in the house work along with all supplies and connections. Our final inspection helps you get a fully complete, working, brand new house.

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Plans and approvals stage

The first step towards building your house is to get a certified architect on board who can design your house according to the location of your land, and give you a firm footing for your project. . Our architect work with your to make sure their vision and your requirements meet your expectations.

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Foundation Stage

The next step is to build the foundation of your house. This is an important step too, and needs engineering supervision. We make sure the foundation is laid in a timely and correct manner.

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Plumbing Stage

This is the stage where you’d need water supply connection, sewerage and drainage and gas supply taken care of, as your plumbing contractor would need to make sure there are no leakages/ issues with the connections once everything is operational. Your colony should be able to provide you the requisite connections at this stage. However, we’ll advise you the right time when these connections need to be applied for to tie things up nicely.

Plastering Stage

As a building contractor, we coat the walls with cement to give your brick walls a smooth finish. This needs extra care as the plastering needs regular watering for at least 21 days to ensure maximum durability. Our on-site inspections would ensure this happens, and to ensure that the plastering meets the quality standards set out in the contract.

Bathroom & Kitchen Fittings

Our massive experience in building houses, gives us an edge towards designing and building American, Italian, Indian and French style kitchens and toilets. We’ll discuss your requirements and make sure you get the right materials for these most useful parts of your house.


Doors, windows and other objects where wood is required to be used are installed after the external finishes have been completed. This involves your selection and choice, and our supervision to ensure their correct installation.

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Painting Stage

Your house is then painted from the inside, including all rooms and other spaces. We work with your contractors to ensure a smooth, beautiful and quality finish.

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If required, we help you get in touch with some of the best landscaping artists in India and ensure their work gets completed in time.